Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teacher Sue Anna Joe Ask Me To Do This, So I Did Lah.


This is first time I will write an entry in english. Why? Because teacher Sue Anna Joe encourage me to write in english, so I will follow what she said. I feel a little bit nervous because my english is really, really bad.

Today, I want to tell you all about my father. My father is a very kind man. Beside kind, he also a very good father. He also very handsome and smart. But, unfortunately, he have less hair. Very, very less hair. So pity.

My fahter is the main factor I can be successful in my life. Without his hand, his belt and his hanger, I don't think I can study and finished my degree. When I was small, I really scared to my father. Just only hear his shout, I will run to hide myself because I'm very afraid. But that just only hear his voice, how about his hand that will touch my soft 'pipi'? Wow, I really don't want to think about that. It's a nightmare you know.

However, eventhough he always bit me, I know that deeply in his heart, he really, really love me and care for me. Without him, I think will be Mat Rempit, or peragut, or kaki samun, or samseng or anything else that is bad.

I like to say thank you to my father because taught me to be a good man in this life. Thank you Abah!

My Abah (left) when he have many hair a long long time ago.

Prepare for:
Teacher Sue Anna Joe

Prepared by:
Chegu Izwan

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